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Tight Spaces Featuring: Kayla Jane Added 07/14/2017
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Magical things happen in tight spaces, you get an intimacy provided only by proximity, a distorted view that adds to the length of my legs and my amazonian stature. I show off my feet, legs, ass and pussy in these glossy pantyhose and complete the vignette started with "The Details" continued with "Pantyhose Legs for Days". These pantyhose are magical, they give the illusion of a barrier or the illusion of complete nudity, something different from every angle. You get a little taste of everything, close ups, wide shots, the total package for the complete picture. xoxo Kayla Jane Danger

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Pantyhose Legs For Days Featuring: Kayla Jane Added 06/05/2017
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The second view point of a pantyhose masterpiece. Completely sheer, glossy, gusset-free pantyhose are all I need with this slinky beaded crop top to totally dazzle any man, and indulge myself in my own lust for hosiery. I stretch my legs out really putting them on display for this potion of the vignette. It's time to soak up my long toned legs, that round ass, and the glimpses of my pussy through the material as it caresses every crevasse of my body. I strip off my top but never the pantyhose, as they are the icing on the cake. I finish off the set wrapping my feet around the faucet just like you saw in "The Details" Enjoy the glory of my body especially my pantyhose legs, pussy, feet and ass, all my doll parts xxx Kayla Jane Danger

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The Details Featuring: Kayla Jane Added 05/15/2017
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You will see this same outfit in what seems like three totally different sets. This is the first, The Details. These are the little things, the close ups, those intimate details that sometimes get lost in an extravagant vignette. Here they are brought to the front and center. Extreme close ups of my feet in these ultra sheer pantyhose, the tight mound of my pussy and ass encased in this glossy material. It's my nipples one by one, my hand slipping between my legs, it's my hands on my feet, gripping my ass, ripping the pantyhose from my toes and the water making them look glazed. If you love the details, close ups, pantyhose, feet, ass and pussy, this set is for you. Hold on tight for the other 2 photo sets and the video!

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