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Coming Up Roses Featuring: Kayla Jane Added 03/04/2017
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This intimate photo set is pure fantasy, Kayla's personal fantasy. I love lingerie, stockings, high heels and showing off my femme side. In this set I show off a sexy pink lace lingerie set purchased by a fan. The bright garterbelt holds up my vintage nylon stockings and I'm perched atop one of my favorite styles of Giuseppe stilettos that really keep me on my toes. I give you a good old fashioned tease, showing off my long legs and exotic lingerie under a tasseled kimono. My long hair curls down my back almost touching my ass. The thong I wear frames my butt perfectly like the tan lines that mark the crease between my legs and ass. I strip naked, but slowly, taking my time to reveal all my doll parts. I make sure you get a good look at my soles and pedicure through my stockings before I peel them off. I point and flex my feet, spreading and crunching my toes insuring you take your time with me! I am a work of art to appreciate, each photo a story for you to explore until I am barefoot, completely naked, my tan lines and tattoos the only adornment on my skin! xxx Kayla Jane Danger

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Hypno-Thera-Bree Featuring: Bree Daniels ,  Kayla Jane Added 03/01/2017
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Dr.Kayla is back at it, hypnotizing her unsuspecting patient Bree, lulling her into a state of total relaxation, trust and curiosity. Kayla makes Bree a slave to her feet, in a state where she isn't quite asleep, but she isn't completely awake. Bree is lost in a dream world propelled but the lust for Kayla's feet which grows with every sniff, with every kiss, with every lick. To prove her power, she makes Bree strip, first out of her dress, but eventually she helps peel off Bree's sheer black pantyhose, and Bree removes her own bra & panties revealing her perfect natural breasts and neatly trimmed bush. Kayla instructs Bree to worship her feet, falling more and more in love with them while she does. Bree licks between Kayla's toes, and laps up her high arches with long flat tongue strokes. Bree sucks Kayla's toes one at a time then tries to devour all her toes at once. Kayla's mesmerized patient looks at her longingly, intensifying their bond, until with one foot on her face Kayla snaps, bringing Bree back to a confused reality. xxx Kayla Jane Danger

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Cam With Allie Featuring: Allie Knox Added 03/25/2017
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It's time to get on cam with Allie, to experience what a session with her is really like when all you want is to watch this big booty beauty strip naked and show off her pretty feet, pedicure to sole. You love the one on one attention as she flirts with you, gropes her luscious tits, spreads that big ass for you to peek at her pretty slit. She gets in a few different positions so you can see her feet from all angles and really get that intimate feel. She sucks her own toes for you showing off her flexibility as well as her personal love of feet! She finishes off the show in 'the position' smiling at you, with her soles in the air and that tan bottom on display. Enjoy a night with this sexy cam girl xxx Kayla Jane Danger

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