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The Personal Trainer Featuring: Kayla Jane ,  Veronica Weston Added 01/26/2018
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Veronica is Kayla's super babe of a personal trainer, blond, busty and super flirty especially with Kayla. During their workout Kayla hurts her toe and Veronica tries everything to make it better, first a bandaid, then gauze, she wants to wrap and pamper Kayla's hurting foot but it takes her a while to figure out the best way to achieve this goal! She takes Kayla's feet in her hands and massages them, bringing them closer to her face as their aroma cast a spell on her. Veronica takes Kayla's feet and begins to kiss them, giving them a massage with her tongue, then passionately caressing and worshiping Kayla's high arched feet. Kayla Jane Danger

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